Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!


We believe that love awakens hearts and transforms lives.

We believe that Love is what assists us in growing generous hearts and being gracious givers with everyone that comes into our world. Learning to love and be loved will transform our hearts.

We believe that there are universal laws of unconditional love and we can share that with each other.

We believe that we are imperfect and will never love perfectly guiding us with opportunity to love more deeply. 

We believe that healing transformation happens when we look at our own wounds to heal, our own behaviors and open up to love from others. Trust builds over time when love is present.

We believe in interdependence cultivating conscious relationships, family and community.

We believe that the group experience is a place where you can practice opening your heart in a safe environment and get seen and loved for who you are.

We believe in acceptance as love. Groups are a place to learn how to tell that truth for yourself and to know yourself in the unloving, unhappy patterns that you may be playing out in your life.

We believe that Goodness/Happiness/Love/God (whatever you perceive that to be) is in all events, even when an event is hard. Goodness comes in the learning to love the event (lessons learned).

We believe that happiness comes from being able to be present in the now. Living in the past or the future can cause pain and fear. (Regret and worry)

We believe with enough love and nurturing we can move from a wounded victim to a compassionate loving presence in the world. That is our goal. That is why we are here to gather together to practice.

We believe that it’s everyone’s true nature to be love and everyone’s divine right to feel peacefulness in their life.

We believe that everyone has a right to choose what they say, do and what they believe. All Beliefs are honored here. We cannot control the choices of another, In fact it does not work. We also have a choice to love it or leave it. Staying with the same choices and wanting a different outcome doesn’t work. 

So we come together to learn to make better choices.

We believe that the responsibility to be happy and loving is the individuals. Happiness does not come from external circumstance but the internal peacefulness and faith that comes from being love and loving and responsible for one’s own choices.

We believe that everyone has the natural outcomes that come from their own choices. We believe that we are responsible for our choices and the natural consequences from our own choices.

We believe that in group we should only have one speaker so they feel heard and loved. This applies to all of our relationships. So we practice this in group.

We believe that the love we share is given freely without any expectation for it to be returned. We are here to nurture you and help you see the truth about your own true nature by asking questions that will lead you to your own truth.

We believe that we don’t have the right to expect that anyone will love us, will do what we want or will make us happy. Expectations are what causes our own disappointments.

Letting go of expectations leads to more fulfilling connection with others. Allowing others to have their choices is the freest way to live.

We believe that our happiness comes from our choices to see others clearly and compassionately, accept them for who they are and love them. Our choices alone contribute to our own happiness. Not the choices of others.

We believe that happiness cannot be found in blaming others but comes from owning our own mistakes, fears and flaws and allowing others to see accept and love us in that.

We believe that being loved is powerful and life changing. Being loving is the most powerful way to achieve happiness and it doesn’t matter if others reciprocate or not. 

When you feel loving you will not take others actions personally. Their actions describe their own internal struggle and defines them, not you.

We believe that when we share love together we are more loving to others.

We believe that one person cannot be your only source. 

Everyone is human and will make mistakes.

We believe in interdependence with love shared by choice and freely, not co-dependent love where the source of love cannot be flawed or imperfect.

We trust that all people are human and will make mistakes.

We believe that we are not here to give advice, do therapy or fixing anyone. We do not believe that anyone is broken. Beliefs were formed during childhood and new choices can be made.Our brains are neuro-plastic and can be retrained through mindful practice to feel more peaceful.

Our Loving Friends will help you see options. We do not profess to have your answers. But we can help you find your own heart inside.

We believe that everyone has an internal compass that once emotional intelligence is gained that everyone can be conscious and make happy choices. We believe in helping you learn to listen to the internal calling of your own heart.

We believe that we don’t know what is right for anyone. Our hosts are only there to help you see new ways of looking at your life and from that loving place you can choose what is right for you.

We believe that the group experience is a co-creative experience, where love is present and the intention for the greater good in the world, then love that passes through us helps the giver and the receiver. We believe there is an abundant and infinite stream of love for everyone. We come together to practice opening our hearts to each other and that infinite flow.

We believe that touch and holding helps the receiver feel that sense of peacefulness that they have been looking for and expedites that process of feeling it more often. Science has proven that without it we have a much harder time feeling the love and peace in our lives. And only given with permission.  

We believe that when we are unconditionally loving to others it does not matter if they reciprocate or not. Being loving is the happiest way to live. We make the choice daily to be more loving in every situation and relationship.

We believe in holding a safe place as we practice sharing love, modeling love and experiencing the expansion of our hearts together. Hosts are trained to keep the space safe for all who attend and to facilitate the flow of the group. Loving Friends and hosts will be perfectly human and will make mistakes. That is how we learn to love.

We believe that group is a safe place where we can learn to come together as a family and community to be open and honest and learn how to address the problems we have with each other in a loving way. Connection and vulnerability is not something we run from but practice together. Being honest is how we create connection.

We believe that when someone is speaking they have the floor. We believe they should speak until they feel complete without cross talk and interruptions. There will be only one Loving Friend/host asking those questions at a time.

We believe that in presence of fear and pain, that we will use unloving behaviors unconsciously to try to manipulate our world and others to minimize our pain. These actions will cause us to feel more disconnected and unhappy. The Loving Friends/hosts will help you see and admit the truth of those so that you can begin to make better more loving choices for yourself, leading to more happiness.

We believe that our inner self requires the nurturance of loving people and responsive people to our needs that can foster us in a way that allows us to know our own inner resources of personal power, lovability, of security and beauty inside of ourselves. What that really says is that we are in relationship all the time. That through relationship we know something more fully and completely about ourselves.

We believe that denying feelings makes them more intense and confusing. By contrast, the acknowledgment of feelings allows people to heal by bringing more peacefulness and sound thinking.

We believe in holding all words spoken in group as sacred. We will not break confidentiality by carrying those words and discussions outside of group.

We believe that everyone is human and can fluctuate in capacity to love depending on personal challenges in the moment. We can love at sometimes and not at others. So every Loving Friend/Host will sometimes be a loving presence and sometimes may not. They simply believe in sharing that truth with the group.

We believe that when we hold a façade to the world we are hiding and that wall will never help us to feel connected. Pain and fear from the past have taught us to build those walls. Group is where we go to intentionally practice letting down those walls. To be deeply seen and understood. To that degree we will feel loved. Each member has a choice to reveal themselves at the pace they feel comfortable.

We believe that every person/Loving Friend/Host will make mistakes and those mistakes are a gift for us to look within to see where our healing needs to be addressed.

We believe in being a loving presence in the world. We must start with our own selves. We can only change ourselves. It starts with each individual.

We believe in Love.