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The retreat was so awesome. I felt so deeply seen, loved, accepted, and taken care of. Once again I'm amazed at your capacity and courage to do what you do [Sharon]. I'm not sure if coming from me it would make a difference for you, but if you have doubts about the validity of what you do, you are welcome to call me. I will tell you, in my opinion, the difference you make in people's lives is the greatest and most important gift I know of.... Mike Nicosia  
Dallas, TX

I was introduced to Phoenix Loving Groups about a year ago while I was still living in Houston, Texas. I started taking advantage of the free conference calls and knew almost immediately that I wanted to immerse myself in the love and teachings of this beautiful community. With lots of love and encouragement from Sharon Stephens and many others I was able to make the move to Phoenix in just a few short months and I've never been happier. I attended groups daily, which provided loving emotional support in a safe environment to examine and let go some of the pain from my past, change my thinking around it, and therefore change my current behaviors in response to it. Being seen, accepted, and loved while still being in all of my "protective behaviors" is creating the space for me to become increasingly more responsible for my own choices, which is leading to my greater happiness, and ultimately, to becoming more loving and able to give back what has been so freely given to me…so the circle extends farther and farther outward, touching and healing more and more lives. Come join us. Your life will change in amazing ways!!

Sean Bisbano 2/17/2016 
Phoenix, AZ 

Sharon Stephens is a practitioner and teacher of love; unconditional love, and she is better at it than anyone I have ever known.
I am a Christian, and I have spent my entire life listening to priests and preachers read the New Testament’s words about loving one another. Loving one another is so important, that Jesus put it in the top two of all the commandments; to love God and love each other, and that all the prophets and scriptures rest on these.
Yet, I realized after two failed marriages that I didn’t know how to love another person. I thought I was doing the right thing for my wives. I thought I was doing the right thing for my children. I thought I was doing what Jesus said to do. I looked pretty good to the rest of the world, but I was deluding myself, and the people in my life were suffering because of it. I finally realized I was not loving very well at all, but I didn’t know any other way to do it. I prayed for an answer.
That is when I heard Sharon Stephens speak on unconditional love at a church in Kansas City. She explained how most of us were taught to ‘trade’ in relationships and why that never works. Then she spoke about unconditional love, how it always works and how to practice it. That talk changed my life. I followed her advice and began reading and studying the Real Love books she recommended. But the books were not enough. Eventually, I decided to move to Phoenix, to be a part of a growing, unconditional love community under the guiding hand of Sharon. Learning how to love is not just about acquiring the knowledge, but about practicing unconditional love with the people in my life.
Practicing unconditional love turns out to be easier than I thought. The real hard part is recognizing and doing away with a lifetime of habits and behaviors that work against being an unconditionally loving person. For this, I needed more intense help and began coaching with Sharon. Her wisdom, insights and compassion have exceeded my expectations, and stand alone at the top of my experience. While my sessions with Sharon were never ‘easy’, they were precisely what I needed to continue healing, and put an end to the co-dependent behaviors that helped destroy two marriages and put my children at a disadvantage in life. My children, all adults now, are seeing the benefits of a wiser, more loving father.
When I first started this journey, I was concerned that the principles Sharon Stephens was teaching might conflict with my Christian faith, since religion is not a part of the program. Now I realize that these principles are not only consistent with my faith, but actually take my Christianity to a new level. For the first time I understand what Jesus really meant when he said: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you love one another.” John 13:34.
Sharon Winningham has made it her life mission to teach as many people as possible how to fulfill this commandment, and she has the knowledge, wisdom, faith, and love to change the world for the better!
Jim Clarke  6/2/2015
Phoenix, AZ

Sharon  STephens has been a Life coach for me.  I still write to her often.  When I write to her about what is happening with me I sometimes still think she’s going to think I am...complaining, weak, judgmental, stupid, etc.  Sometimes I am.  However, in her replies, there is never a hint of judgment.  And I am brought to tears.  Really.  I let the tears wash away my insecurities.  I feel love and acceptance for myself, because someone else has loved and accepted me. That is what I allow Sharon to do for me.  She gives.  I allow.
This process has saved my life.  I know this sounds cliche.  It is true though.  It has saved me from who I was.  I am a different person.  I am now in the process of practicing meaningful relationships - with anyone, with everyone.
I wasn’t an easy person to be around before. I wanted to change.  I needed to change.  But I didn’t know how to change.  I needed help.  Sharon’s experience and compassion and love have moved me through dark moments, through pain, and through grief, without prescribing fixes.  Seen.  Accepted.  Loved.  Enjoy the journey!  
Suzanne Ecker 11/21/2015
Phoenix, AZ 

My whole life is opening up from the work we are doing! I am grateful for the opportunity to coach with you. Your skills, talents, and intuition are changing the world one person at a time. Thank you for showing me that no behavior from any person EVER means they can't be loved into wholeness. Our community is totally worth moving across the country!!!

Josette Bergeron

Phoenix, AZ April, 2016

I love this Sharon. I have had enough pain and I chose to align myself and I feel so peaceful, so much joy. I have faith that no matter what the outcome maybe I will be ok. And once I realized it I chose differently. So grateful for your teachings and love and support.

Deb Donovan

Dallas, TX August 2017

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To those who have not met Sharon...You are missing out on an experience of being in the presence of an authentic, loving, tender soul...Who, with grace, tenderness, compassion, and unconditional love, creates ripple effects of Unconditional Love...while all the while walking and sometimes stumbling, growing in her own essence of who she is...She inspires me to be just me...To choose from love and take leaps of faith...Being responsible for my own happiness...She pours her heart into the community...She is courageous...She encourages all...So giving kind and caring in her soul...Simply put...I am grateful to have had the experience of coaching with Sharon...Each morning I count her in my blessings...cause I Know...Recognize that people like Sharon seldom come along in our path we choose to walk...She is love...Barb Heite