Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

We help people of all ages, no matter how young or old.  We have even been doing this long enough to see young teens grow up to have babies.  We watch people die and be born, live and find new relationships.  They find themselves and love in the process. 

Meet AB and Marcy.  They are friends in St. Louis, MO.  They are both presently in our wise class together.  They are intent on learning how to hold space and be a loving presence in the world.  This is our host training program and they are both loving it!  

Marcy is 80 and AB is 20.  And what brings them together is a love of love.   They want to be a part of the two percent that changes the world.  And it starts with us.  

We keep adding more and more families to our family and creating spaces for people to build their own families.  How special is this to see these two together.  

Abedalaziz Jaber (who mercifully goes by AB) is an unusual 20 year old man. What makes AB stand out is his desire to show up as a loving presence in the world, despite significant challenges in his young life that might have made another bitter and angry. AB radiates the energy of love, whether he is quietly listening to another, sharing his own profound thoughts, or gently hugging you. When he looks you in the eyes, you better be able to receive the love he is sharing, or you will have to turn away.  His heart shines with enthusiasm.  We are blessed to have AB in our St. Louis Loving Groups community. 

At 80 years young, Marcy McMurphy is on a quest to learn how to give and receive unconditional love like never before. Marcy was born with a huge and caring heart that has not diminished over the years. Her home is open to a weekly Loving Groups meeting, and to anyone in need of a place to stay for the night. She has been a teacher and crusader for many noble causes. Now she is learning to add unconditional love to the way she shows up in the world, which includes accepting it from the rest of us! We love our Marcy!

Both are shining examples of the Loving Spirit that shines in the hearts of all the Generations of Loving Friends in the Loving Groups Community!   Thanks to both for sharing their hearts with us!