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"Sharon made a big difference in my life.  Her loving support offered before I ever met her, won my trust because she showed me that she just cared."

- Linda Morrissey- Dallas, Tx 


"I want to cry for the joy I feel today in my life. My life is working, and I mean working.  I'm doing things I've never done before.  I take responsibility for myself a good part of the time."

Teresa Dermody-Reno, NV

"You truly inspire me to be a better version of me and  in this moment I have happiness and joy in knowing that I am unconditionally loved by you and me; it centers me. I am smiling."

                                                                                                                 Barb Heite- Phoenix, AZ 

"I was close to being a Master at being a victim.  I reflexively blamed anyone and anything I could for my life’s circumstances.  I criticized the way others did things, yet felt profoundly wounded if others did not accept me as I was.  I didn’t know what was wrong, what I was doing wrong, or why I was so depressed - and don’t ask me to admit that either!!  “I’m ok.”  I got a lot of help from the members of this community, leaning into them when the going got tough.  I learned I could tell them truths about myself, and they did not run away.  In fact, they still offered me love.  And in this way, I began to trust that I really was worthy of being loved, even in my behaviors.  Thank you all for being a constant support to me.  With much love and gratitude!"

Suzanne-Phoenix, AZ 

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