Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

All Free for 2020-Seminars  

We provide seminars and coaching to meet the needs of individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses.

By experiencing a seminar, participants are able to see exactly how their lives can be transformed through Unconditional Love. After attending a seminar, people often have a desire to learn more about incorporating these principles into their lives. Personal coaching can be an extension of that education with the added benefit of an experienced professional to keep you on track.

Half-Day Seminar ~ Unconditional Love (3 Hours)

Unconditional Love is the one thing we need more than anything else in order to feel genuinely happy.

How most of us have not received sufficient Unconditional Love, either as children or as adults, and how to know the difference.

We use Imitation Love to temporarily relieve the pain of insufficient Unconditional Love in our lives.

We use Getting and Protecting Behaviors, to fill our emptiness and to protect ourselves from more pain when we don't have enough Unconditional Love.

The simple and powerfully effective steps we can all take to find the Unconditional Love that leads to genuine happiness and fulfilling relationships.

Why disappointment and anger are always selfish, destructive, and therefore "wrong."

What we can do to eliminate anger and confusion and replace it with peace and happiness.

Why telling the truth about ourselves is so important to create the life-giving opportunities to feel Unconditional Love from the people around us.

How to find people capable of loving us.

How to create Loving Groups where we can greatly increase the opportunities of finding and sharing Unconditional Love.

Full Day Seminar ~ Unconditional Love (6 Hours: 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)

In the first session of the day, I share the basic principles of Unconditional Love, as described above. In the second session, I answer many more of the individual questions of the audience, and participants then actively interact with each other in small groups as they apply in real life the principles they have learned. This is a powerful opportunity for people to actually take practical steps on the path they will continue for the rest of their lives.

Half day $50.00 per person $1000.00 min* (Free 2018) 

Full day $100.00 per person $2000.00 min*

*Within the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. Call for rates for other cities.

Free Introduction to Safe ConversationsĀ® Two Hour Seminar

As we turn criticism into CURIOSITY and commit to ZERO NEGATIVITY, SAFETY unfolds and we now have a foundation for a real relationship where CONNECTION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE COME ALIVE.

Utilizing the tools we learn in SAFE CONVERSATIONS we create deep listening and connection. Giving you an introduction to the dialogues that create connection and compassion, Sharon Winningham and David Clark will share the steps, concepts and theory facilitating you practice a dialogue or two.