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Sharon Stephens and Davina Mar

Safe Conversations in Phoenix AZ and Kona, HI

Safe Conversations has been such an amazing tool that brought our Phoenix Leadership Team to come together and collaborate and support the growth of the message of Safe Conversations with our community and beyond.

 Every connection is viewed as a partnership to practice the tools of safe effective conversations with Safe Conversations.

We, as a team, offer our individual talents as facilitators to be part of the foundation of the progress of Safe Conversations in Phoenix and in our other national cities. As we practice in Phoenix then we will offer it in our other cities.

We open our homes to couples to practice the exercises of Safe Conversations in a safe loving space on a regular basis teaching the couple hood class. They also provide Safe Conversations practice groups monthly.

On August 12th 2017 Sharon facilitated her first Safe Conversations Workshop at New Vision Center in Phoenix AZ. In addition to creating an impact in the Phoenix Metro area, Sharon influences and encourages her leadership teams of Loving-Groups.com across the U.S. to actively participate in the training of becoming a facilitator for Safe Conversations in Dallas TX. There have been approximately 15 that have attended.

The influence and impact of Safe Conversations has sparked a small movement in the Phoenix area that is igniting and spreading with every practice group/workshop presented. We currently have several people that have attended Safe Conversations practice groups in Phoenix that will be at both workshops in September and December to become facilitators for Safe Conversations. We could not be happier!

The movement has begun.

Loving Groups began in 2005 and is continuing to be “the movement” bringing value and healing to the world. We are joyously embracing this technology and add it to our core offerings to the world.

Ask about our on-going classes  Sharon Stephens  602-405-0144

The simple practices taught are:

1st Practice- Safe Conversations-Mirroring and Appreciation

2nd Practice- Zero Negativity- It’s not what you say but how you say it

3rd Practice- Caring Behaviors Dialogue-Putting it all together

Mirroring, Validating, Empathizing

The link is:


YouTube clip:


This particular clip refers to only couples but it is for anyone

Watch online:   http://https://livestream.com/accounts/22914302/safeconversations/videos/149260670

Safe Conversations 

Safe Conversations- walk from conflict to connection

Created by Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt

Talking is one of the most dangerous things humans do; listening the least frequent thing people do. When people talk responsibly and listen deeply they then connect and then joy comes from that. In-order-to make a relationship feel safe we need to replace judgment with appreciation and curiosity. The structure is compiled of three activities:

  1. A structure conversation
  2. The removal of negativity
  3. Addition of affirmations (gratitude)

This structure is what makes relationships thrive

So, what is a relationship?

As defined by Harville & Helen, with tons of research to back it up, it is two people and the space between them. The space between is very dynamic and is very important to learn about.

Safe Conversations is about getting to the “otherness” and knowing that the world is made up of other people and that we are different from each other and it is okay. Safe Conversations is about honoring the space between and affirming that with each other in our chosen connections.

The key word is safety- safety is the word that determines the quality of a relationship

If we cannot feel safe communicating we cannot be intimate/vulnerable/connected. Our bodies are unable to relax and will have a physical reaction that keeps a person from feeling safe. Even if we are able to do things together with others, we have trained our brain/bodies to be vigilant for signs of triggering ourselves or others and remain in a continuous state of alert for something to trigger our safety.

When we can regulate the space between those we connect with, it becomes the safety of the space to express authentically. It is the space between two people that starts to give you everything you want, your heart desires. We will begin to have the relationships of our dreams with whomever we want.

Safety is non-negotiable item.

Safe Conversation Skills are simple, precise, and take a lot of practice

And the repetition of Safe Conversations is teaching people how to communicate effectively creating a safe environment to practice using dialogue to heal. When people talk responsibly and listen deeply they then connect and then joy comes from that.

Everyone is going to get frustrated with partners almost every day about something it is unavoidable. The speed in which a couple/friend/family/coworker can repair the connection the healthier the relationship.

The repeativity of repair is what is important because the brain habituates and if you are feeling negativity and distant- a person will train his/her self to be habitually in the defensive position and not feel connected. This makes it very hard to feel safe and connect.

The more we practice Safe Conversations the more comfortable (safe) we feel in authentically expressing and connecting. This brings a lightness to the vulnerability and an interest in communicating perceived negativities between people. This allows our connections to know how each is being perceived and giving opportunities to share so he/she can be authentically connected and practice truly being safe within communicating. Most times people are so thankful for the insight. It is a practice of not taking the experience personal but rather to see the gift of connection between the sender/receiver to feel safe to relax and show up authentically within the space of a relationship.

Safe Conversations is a powerful one day workshop that gives tools to transforms, couples, friends, co-workers, communities, and the world.