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Loving-Groups Signature Act of Kindness From Dallas


I would like to introduce you to a wonderful new idea that Gene Flake and Debera Donovan from our Dallas Community have started. Here is a letter from them with the original idea.

July 1, 2018

Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to share a concept Debera and I came up with. I have in the past had a hard time not judging people we have seen on the street corners asking for money. The judgement came not from lack of sympathy for someone in need but sometimes doubting that all of them were legitimate. What I have realized is, that it doesn't really matter. There is someone right in front of me and I can do something small without judging their motives.

What we are doing is buying packs of crackers, nuts, fruit candy, a Loving-groups business card, and small water bottles. We are making up storage bags with these items and a $1 bill inside. We are carrying them in the car. When we see someone on the street we give one of these bags. It doesn't matter if they are legitimate or not, it is a small act of kindness to another human being.

We would eventually like to introduce this practice to our loving groups as a signature act of kindness and maybe put a copy of the Loving groups logo in the bags.

This is something Debera and I are doing and maybe we can make this grow.

Love you, 


What is in a bag of Heart❤Snacks?

The packages include a

  • One pack of peanut butter crackers
  • One pack of peanuts,
  • One pack of fruit snacks
  • 2 small bottles of water
  • A one dollar bill
  • Loving-groups business card

We got the snack packages and the water at Sams.

We made up 25 packs. The entire cost for 25 packs is less than $50 as we still have some of the snacks left. 

Debera and I have been doing it for about a month. This is how we feel when Debera and I give out the Heart❤Snacks bags. The simplest description is freedom. We are truly giving a gift, we can do it with no expectations of the person, and we can do it without judgement. When someone does react it has been with surprise. They are so used to getting some change, or a bill or people just ignoring them. When they receive the bag their eyes open up just a bit wider. 

For us this project is another step in growth. We are letting go of judgement about people and their motives. We are accepting people where they are. A small act of kindness may just ripple through the world, it doesn't matter who the recipient is. It is the act.

The bags are relatively inexpensive, less than $2 total. We are adding one thing we found some dog treats and we are  putting some of these in small bags for those we see with dogs. We think Baby🐶Bandit snacks might work.

Thank you Sharon for all you do to show us a path to being loving.


Gene and Debera                      Contact Gene:  817-201-6939   Certified Host in Dallas