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Our Newest Certified Host July 2019

Hello Everyone,

This work has changed my life in profound ways. I have been a lifelong believer that you rely on yourself in this world. You push through hard things. You “win” or “lose” based on your own efforts and abilities. I can now see another way. A loving way. This loving way doesn’t magically turn the messiness of life into a bouquet of roses. It doesn’t remove the responsibility I have for my life choices. This loving way empowers me from my soul. This loving way is to walk my path together with others who can see me just as I am, love and accept me with no expectations. I am not alone.

Once I really felt that I am not alone, fear lifted like a fog rises – gradually and effortlessly. With clearer vision, it is possible to see myself and the choices I make that are not optimal to creating a happy, peaceful life. When I remember I am not alone, I can boldly take action to make changes that once seemed impossible. When I forget to practice being seen and accepted with loving people, that fog rolls right back in. I still have much learn! I am committed to continual growth in the quality of my life.

One way the quality of my life improves is to give back. I am honored to be able to participate at this level. I hold each and every person sacred.

My background:

I am mother of two lovely women both grown and married and making their own way in the world. I am a new grandmother to a three month old baby girl. She holds a very special place in my heart. My alias is Mimi. I am single. My roommate is an 87 pound Boxer/Lab mix. I work in the insurance field. I like to travel, try new things, and eat new foods. I love to cook. I am an avid reader. I love music, art and culture. I require frequent time by water; ocean, lake or stream. I’m a bit of an adventurer. I walk in nature multiple times per week. At this point in my life, one of my very favorite things is to simply hold my granddaughter and watch every move she makes.

I am very excited and humbled to be joining this team! I look forward to working together.

Jane is hosting the group at the mediation center in Dallas on Thursday nights and hosting a conference call for everyone. She is on the call list and is a very good loving wise person.

Jane Snyder
(214) 304-1237

If you look deeply into the person you love, you'll be able to understand her suffering, her difficulties, and also her deepest aspirations. And out of that understanding, real love will be possible. When someone is able to understand us, we feel very happy. If we can offer understanding to someone, that is true love. The one who receives our understanding will bloom like a flower, and we will be rewarded at the same time. Understanding is the fruit of the practice. Looking deeply means to be there, to be mindful, to be concentrated. Looking deeply into any object, understanding will flower.
- Thich Nhat Hanh