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Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

Free Support Groups, Phoenix, AZ

Loving Groups Retreat
Vision for our Free Support Groups:
We gather to awaken hearts to unconditional love and transform lives.

 Loving Groups

     Loving Groups have been running since 2005 at locations throughout Arizona. www.meetup.com/loving-groups 

We've experienced deep changes in the way we see and love ourselves, our partners, families, co-workers and friends. 
     The groups are on-going opportunities to help you deepen your experience of Unconditional Love. Loving Groups are free and open to all. We have 25 or more regular meetings during the week in Phoenix at this time. Our meeting run for two hours, but none will be turned away regardless of when people arrive. If you arrive late please enter quietly. We take this time to practice giving and receiving unconditional
love while learning practical ways to improve all of our relationships.    
Please call anytime 602-405-0144
Sharon Stephens, ULLC
For a full listing of  Loving Groups in Arizona go to:  
For National free resources:  CLICK HERE                            
Come join us as we learn and practice the principles of Unconditional Love and expanding community. 
 Simply, we are here for god!                    
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Sharon Stephens

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They will take your calls and love you up!