Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

My coaching session with Suzanne helped me hone in on some areas where I felt stuck.  She really listened and heard my words, and allowed our session to go in the direction of what I was sharing.  If you choose, she can incorporate some spiritual healing into your session.  It seems that it “takes a village” to nurse me back to spiritual health, and Suzanne has been an important loving presence in my healing. -A.M.

When I started coaching with Suzanne, my life and health were falling apart. Then we got to work. And with her loving guidance and patience, I have learned that I have the power to change and make different choices. She has taught me that I have the ability to create whatever life I want for myself. And that includes being happy. I will never regret for one second, the decision I made to work with her. - Caron Cordes

Suzanne has been instrumental in helping me look at my behaviors and telling the truth about myself.  It has helped me a great deal in my healing and my personal growth.  She is a kind, gentle and caring person.  All the relationships in my life have changed now that I can be more loving & responsible for my behaviors and actions.  She has taught me that I need to get loved & that’s what has been missing in my life and it has made a big difference!  I am so grateful for Suzanne and the Loving-Groups for their support and love.  I highly recommend Suzanne for coaching and I will continue to use her as my coach! — Victoria