Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

Sponsorship for the Meetup group will include:
Posting advertisement on the message board on the Meetup site
Website link on the front page of meet-up site
One e-mail per month sent out advertising your business to the membership
Ability to come to any group meeting/event that is social and distribute advertisements to the group members, (flyers, coupons, incentives, etc.)
The distribution is limited to table collateral that can be picked up by members if they wish to partake. Handing directly to members may make some feel uncomfortable.
Sponsorship is $179.00 per six months-Sponsorship commences at the date of payment at: http://www.loving-groups.com Web page
No promotional conversation can take place within a Loving Group OR on a loving call-sponsorship will be terminated with no refund if this occurs.
Please provide by e-mail:
*a link to your website to put on the Meet-up site
*give me a write up of your services to post on the message board
*a photo of yourself or a logo that can go on the Meet-up front page with your link (not both)
Sponsorship will run for 6 calendar months and is renewable only upon approval by Sharon A. Winningham.
Date ______________ 
Sponsor signature _______________________________
Name of Business: _________________________________
Date Paid: (commencement of 6 months) ________________
Scan this agreement and email it to results.roses@cox.net
Payment for sponsorship can be made several ways:
Cash or check made out to Sharon Winningham
Credit card over the phone by calling 602-405-0144
Website payment by Credit Card: www.loving-groups.com Web page